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Kirsten Saint

Director, Educational Services

Curriculum & Instruction Department

The site will provide opportunities for you to obtain information and updates from various programs within the department. Online guides and other documents are continually being added or modified. Links to sites containing specific information are also updated frequently. It is our hope that these webpages will serve as resource to parents, teachers, administrators and community members.

Resources and Information

Committee Meeting Dates

C&I Advisory Committee Meeting Dates
Writing Committee Meeting Dates K-6
Literacy Committee Meeting Dates 7-12
Math Committee Meeting Dates
Science Committee Meeting Dates
Young Authors' & Artists' Faire Committee Mtg,  Dates
History/Social Studies Adoption Committee Mtg Dates


Classes & Credit Needed for Graduation 
Promotion & Retention
High School Math Placements
Spanish High School Math Placements
Alternative Math Options
Spanish Alternative Math Options