Student Support

Student Support Services Division Picture

Student Support Services Division

Jay Simmonds
Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services Division

Jose Beltran, Director, Child Welfare and Attendance
Dallas Plaa, Coordinator, Educational Options
Julie Lynn Martin-Borba, Grants Administrator
Kristi Britton, Director, Special Education
Mary Lisa Gonzales, Director, State Preschool and Head Start
Dustin Pack, Admin Asst, Project YES
Brian Murphy, Coordinator, Student Support/Student Wellness
The goal of the Student Support Services Division is to provide quality programs and services to meet the needs of children and their families served by the Ceres Unified School District. Recognizing that student success is effected by circumstances and situations that are outside the regular school day, this Division seeks to assist families and children in participating in programs and services that promote health, well being and student success. This Division serves students and families through the following departments: Child Welfare and Attendance, Special EducationEducational Options, Student Support-Student Wellness and Specialized Programs.

These links and resources are provided in order to share information about the services offered by each department in the Student Services Division.

For questions, contact:
Addie Sargent, Administrative Secretary
209-556-1500, Ext. 1250