Report to the Community 2015 Released
Report to the Community 2015
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Report to the Community 2015

In future years, as we reflect on educational milestones, 2015 will mark a turning point as the year that an Internet-enabled device was put into the hands of every Ceres student. More than 13,000 devices were deployed throughout grades K-12!  This is remarkable not because it changed what we teach – quality instruction in foundational skills will continue to be the focal point of an excellent education – but because it vastly expanded the tools and resources that are now at our fingertips.  The full impact of this is still emerging.  Just as we could not have known in 1990 how the Internet would impact our lives decades later, we have not yet explored all that this latest technology has to offer. Yet already students have instant access to an entire world of information, including their textbooks, online; they complete and turn in assignments and homework electronically; and apps offer an array of opportunities such as real-time collaboration and immediate teacher feedback.  None of this would be possible without the support of our community, families and staff.  Thank you.

Scott Siegel, Ed.D.

Vision Statement
All students academically prepared to achieve their full potential, supported by and contributing to the community

Mission Statement
Our students will achieve mastery of academic standards in a safe and supportive environment. We will provide a quality, balanced education that results in academic excellence, and career preparation with attitudes and skills necessary to produce self- directed, productive citizens.